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Aquariums aren't just our business, they are our hobbies and our passion. We take great pride in our work especially when designing new aquariums or updating and reviving existing aquariums. We spend time researching and experimenting with new technology on our own fish tanks so we can provide our clients with the best quality products. 

Hydrographics Aquarium Service was established in 2005 and customer satisfaction has been our first priority ever since- and we're not just saying that! To prove it, we never ask any of our clients to sign a term contract. We have had many new customers tell us that their previous aquarium service company stopped showing up for scheduled service or stopped maintaining the aquarium correctly, but they needed to "get out" of their contract. One man even forfeited prepaid money to get out. This will never be the case with us. We strive to keep every one of our clients happy and excited about their aquarium, but if we fail, they shouldn't be the ones to pay. 

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